The Hitmen Background

Victor Fernandez and Joe Muse met during a recording studio session in 2009. Joe was working on a album project with his band the Interstate Gypsies. It was then that Victor asked him to come sit in with him at my solo gig at Gina and Giuseppe’s Restaurant. The crowd danced and stayed well past the show and Victor and Joe immediately hit it off . One month later they formed The Hitmen with a show schedule that includes ongoing bookings with clubs, restaurants, private events and special occasions.

In February of 2016 they rounded out their sound after finding Cayla Butler who sang previously with the Easy Street Band. Having the ability to cover intricate 3 part harmonies, their show was now and ready to  perform at venues of all sizes. On stage, The Hitmen are a magnetic blend of musical chemistry that gets audiences moving and dancing to popular music of all genres. In 2017 their goal will be to continue expanding their fan base through all levels of social media, live performances, on-air interviews as well as The Hitmen website. Entertaining and moving large audiences at casinos, festivals, weddings and major non profit events is what The Hitmen does best.

Created by Cayla Butler